Dirty Money

The Black Money Scam (aka The Wash Wash) is one of those things that sounds so old-timey, like something out of The Sting, that it kinda makes you wish you were around in the '50s to watch a grifter at work with it. Hard to believe then that the scam itself isn't even a decade old.

If you want to see how it's done, watch this video. (It takes a few minutes but totally worth it)

When we watched the video last year, we thought well this is cute, if a little ridiculous. But then we read this news story today and realized that not only is it still possible to pull the Black Money Scam, but people seem to really be falling for it hard - and they're not happy. In fact, two Long Island con men are now dead (sheesh, they just can't catch a break these days!) killed in a house "littered with pieces of black paper used in the scam"...

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