Who are you?

For two guys, the Ganns have used a lot of aliases. Simon Gann, still on the loose, uses Shimone Yazid, Shimon Robitaille, Shimone Cohen, Shimone Usuario, Simone Buscaglia, Simone Gambino, and Simone Trezeguet. Maybe even others. Jordan, recently caught, has used Simon Wilkes, Dr. John Marino, Dr. Andrew Depina, Dr. Charles Morales, Andrew Morales, Dr. Chad Ross, and Dr. Shawn P. Cohen. For Jordan, along with the names came various occupations, including doctor, real estate investor, and a lawyer.

There’s nothing wrong with multiple aliases, and one is hardly enough. But the danger is obvious. The night that Jordan was busted, he sat in Hattricks Tavern, downtown Tampa, assuming the identity of a lawyer working locally on a big case. But when he slipped up, saying he was a doctor, the bar manager grew suspicious and set-off a short chain of events that lead to the arrest.

So sure, be as many different people as you'd like, but at any given moment, you better know who you are.

Who are you? If you’re not sure, keep your mouth shut.

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